Residential Services

Working with corporate and individual clients all over world to understand, meet and fulfill their exact requiremnts is the strength of our Residential Service Line.

We are able to use our extensive experience andf knowledge to provide our clients valuable insights on the residential property market including property leasing and sale market.

Commercial Services

We try to offer our clients the best commercial property based on our own Research nad Knowledge. Combining our knowledge with the clients perspective we try and chalk out the best possible venture.

We thoroughly check the Title Documents of the property legally with the help of Professional Lawyers before proposing the property to our clients.

We check the developers goodwill, previous projects executed in the market before proposing the property to the clients.

Land Sales Related Services

At the time of procuring and buying lands for Sale and Purchase for our clients we are spending time to understand and fulfill their requirements to help them find the exact locations according to their requirements.

We work as their partners to assist them in understanding the complex by laws/regulations pertaining to land with the aim of helping them to obtain Maximum Return on investment from their property.

Retail Services

For Retailers, we provide a full range of transactional services including Market Analysis/Location Strategy based upon Detailed Market and Sub-Market Analysis, Site Inspection and Selections including access to our inventory of Retail Loacations, Pricing Strategy, Financial Analysis and Lease Negotiations.

We prides ourself on the extensive understandiung of the exceptional opportunities and Unique complexities of the dynamic of the Indian Retail Real Estate Developing Market.